Cooperation Will Make More Money than Competition

If you do this, you will stop looking for Money and Money will start looking for you Competition will put your Pocket in Financial Isolation. But Cooperation will put your Pocket in Financial Population The Richest set of people in Nigeria and anywhere else are in some sort of Cooperation. Dangote is a Nigerian Company […]

Type Of Rich People and How To Become One Of Them

Almost everybody Wants to become Rich. While some attain Riches Accidentally, others do so Intentionally. The aim of this Article is to give you clarity and a Headstart on How to become Intentionally Rich Financially. I shared this Article on my Facebook Timeline and a few people reacted affirmatively and I’m certain, you will do […]

Book Review: Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

Get Persistent Customers By Learning & PracticingThe Tips Discussed in This Book Introduction One of the reasons you are still struggling to get more customers/clients for your business isn’t because of the bad economy or bad product or even your Village People as most Nigerians would believe due to some Religious Teachings. The Book: “Traction: […]