Types of Riches and How to Attain Intentional Riches

Almost everybody Wants to become Rich. While some attain Riches Accidentally, others do so Intentionally. The aim of this Article is to give you clarity and a Headstart on How to become Intentionally Rich Financially.

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There are 2 types of Rich people: Those who got rich accidentally and those who got rich intentionally.

If you couldn’t get rich accidentally, don’t fail to get rich Intentionally. Invest yourself in Intentionality and get rich through it.

Becoming rich accidentally entails a lot of Luck. While becoming rich Intentionally entails a lot of Logics.

People who attained riches accidentally usually does that through Birth, Bumping into a hidden or abandoned huge amount of Money, Bumping into a Treasure, Unexpected Inheritance from a deceased, among others

While people who attain Riches Intentionally usually learns How Money Works and apply what learned about Money.

In both cases, becoming Rich Intentionally is always better than becoming Rich Accidentally. Because, those who becomes Rich Accidentally have a high tendency of becoming Poor Accidentally. While those who attain Riches Intentionally have a Low chance of becoming Poor. No one would want to become Poor Intentionally but and the chances of Intentional rich people to become accidentally poor is very Slim. It only happens to Intentional people who lacks Emotional Mastery.

I can’t point you towards becoming Rich Accidentally because I don’t support it. but I can point you towards becoming Intentionally Rich if it will interest you and I’m certain it will. If otherwise, why would you read this Far?

How To Become Rich Intentionally

To intentionally make Money, do the Following:

  1. Learn How To Make Money through a Course, a Book, or get guidance from a Coach or a Resources Manager. Trust me, getting guidance from a Coach or a Resources Manager has always worked out more. (I can recommend you some courses, Books and Coaches on demand)
  2. Choose the Strategies that best suits you out of all the strategies you’ve leant to make Money through.
  3. Apply the Strategies you’ve chosen
  4. If the strategies you’ve chosen requires skills you do not have, learn those Skills or let someone who have those Skills do it for you (you may have to pay them either in Cash or Kind)
  5. If the strategies you’ve chosen doesn’t work to your Satisfaction, chose others.
  6. Persist with Strategies that are bringing the results you seek and you will attain Riches in no time and trust me you will Love the process.
  7. If for any reason, you are unable to practice any of the afforementioned above, Get Involved with a Financial Management Service with an Organization that renders such Service just as the type that Jummikplus Global Services does and your Financial struggles will be over.


Attaining Wealth comes with a lot of Ups and Downs. But if you are focused enough, the process will be enjoyable for you.

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