You can make Money Online Like Me As Explained Below

I’m certain that you know that people are making Money Online. But one thing I’m not certain about is if you have ever made Money Online. If you are like many people who had tried to make Money Online in Nigeria but failed, the idea of making Money Online will be like a Myth to you. This and more are the reason why I decided to publish this Article showcasing How I make Money Online and How You Can Do So Too.

My main intention for publishing this Article is not to brag about How I make Money Online. Rather it is to assure you that making Money Online is not a Myth. I want to assure you that It is possible and to show you how you can do it too. Especially, if you want to do it my way.

Before I discuss how I make Money Online with you, let me first of all hint on what it means to Make Money Online.

How Money Is Made Online.

In a simple term, Money is made Online in the same context as it is is made Offline. The difference between making Money Online and making Money Offline is only their systems.

To make Money Offline, you need to provide value for someone while the person pays you for the value you provided. The same is applies to making Making Money Online.

This value provision can come in different ways. Such as: working for someone, Selling to someone, Teaching someone among others. As you does all of those Offline, so you can Online.

The First Money I made Online.

The first Money I made Online was #1,000 (One Thousand Naira) after a whole lot of attemp. I made this Money through the sales of an E-book I wrote with the Title “How To Design A Website”. It was a 68 Pages E-book I wrote by combining my back then little experience in Website Design and other Researches I made from Blogs and other Website Design Books back then in 2014. That was about 8 Years ago from the Time of this Publication.

By then I had almost already given up on trying to make Money Online. Because it just wasn’t working for me. It was that first Cash out that reinforced my Online hustle.

The experience of my first Cash out taught me that to make Money Online, you need to have the right knowledge, target the right Audience, be consistent and don’t quit too soon. By doing this, you will be seen as an Authority in your Niche

How I make Money Online And How You Can Do So Too.

As at the time of this publication, the ways I make Money Online are through the following means:

  1. Sales of E-books
  2. Blogging.
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Online Tutorials
  5. Online Coaching
  6. Youtube
  7. Online Investment
  8. Online Trading
  9. Online Freelancing
    10 Online Advertisement

You may be surprised concerning how I’m able to handle the above ways of How I Make Money Online and still have time for other things as well as my Family. However, if you read on, you will discover How I’m able to make Money Online through the above listed ways and still have time for other personal things as well as my Family.

  1. How I make Money Online Through Sales of E-books

Below are the Steps I takes to make Money Online through sales of E-book

I creates or buys E-books and the right from the Owner or partner with them.
I hosts those E-books on my Website
I writes Review about those E-books
I shares the Review with people Online
I create free Courses sometimes that will lead people to having needs for those E-books
I sale those E-book or give them out for free when necessary

For you to make Money Online through sales of E-book, follow the Steps I usually follows just as highlighted above or contact me for guidance.

  1. How I make Money Online Through Blogging.

Below are the Steps I takes to make Money Online through Blogging

I create Blogs and Partner with other Bloggers.
I contract writers to write quality & unique Articles for me and sometimes I writes Articles myself.
I applies for Advertisement Networks like Adsense, Adsterra among others to display relevant advert on those Blogs
I contract SEO experts to do the SEO job on those Blogs to enable those Blogs get quality Traffic from Google and other Search Engines
I get advertisement placement Contracts from people who needs such Services through some Agents

  1. How I make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing
  2. How I make Money Online Through Online Tutorials
  3. How I make Money Online Through Online Coaching.

Chances are you are reading this Article because you are one of my Online Coaching Client. Even if you are not paying me for the coaching Service I’m rendering you due to one or two consideration, that does not mean I’m not making Money on the process. The concept may not be clear to you for now but I’m certain that on the long run, the clarity will come to you

  1. How I make Money Online Through Youtube
  2. How I make Money Online Through Online Investment
  3. How I make Money Online Through Online Trading

I trades Forex & Bitcoin. If I’m not reading, replying to my Mails or Messages or creating contents to share with my Audiences, I’ll be Trading Online. I’m thinking of expanding my Online Trading Niche but I’m still indecisive about it

  1. How I make Money Online Through Online Freelancing.
  2. How I make Money Online Through Online Advertisement

Reasons Why I Settled For This Few Ways Of Making Money Online

Apart from the few ways I makes Money Online as highlighted above, There are numerous other ways anybody including you can money Online. Why I settled for the few ways I highlighted above in this Article is because of the reasons below.

  1. I can’t practice them all
  2. Time Constraints
  3. Geographical Location
  4. Choice
  5. Technical Know How
  6. Resources


Making Online is not hard but hard. What I mean by that is, it become hard for you if you allow it and it can become easy for you if you make it so. All it takes is to learn the basics and put in the work and in little to no time, you start tagging along.

If you are having difficulties making Money and it really is what you want to do or you want to get serious about it, I currently have an Ongoing Course called “Internet Monetization” that you can enrol in. Nevertheless, if you will prefer been coached privately, Coaching is my expertise. Contact Me and I will guide you on how to start from Zero to Hero in Making Money Online.

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