12 (Twelve) Factors Affecting The High Poverty Rate In Africa And How You Can Avoid Them

Africa as a Continent is endowed with Countries gifted with vast and versatile Mineral Resources. In lieu of that, citizens of African Countries are richly blessed naturally. However, why most Africans are poor and are likely to remain poor is as a result of a collection of factors.

According to Wikipedia, Africa is the Poorest Continent in the world. However, Africa is not Poor. It is Africans that impoverish Africa in addition with other external forces

The Poverty rate in African nations would be thought to be a Myth to any individual including you upon the discovery of the true depth and value of African Resources if the factors leading to African poverty rate in unknown to such individual. Nevertheless, if the factors leading to African poverty rate in unknown to you, stay put and get educated on the Subject matter in this Article as this will be the most in-depth Article ever written regarding the Factors affecting the Poverty in Africa.

Factors Affectting high rate of Poverty in Africa

Most Africans are poor and most of them are Likely To Remain Poor Forever! Below are the Factors affecting the high rate of Poverty In Africa. Click on either of them for more in-depth explanation.

Flamboyant Lifestyle
Religious Beliefs
Bad Leadership
Lack Of Proper Education
Lack Of Productivity
Lack Of Unity
Lack Of Interest
Lack Of Support
Poor Mindset
Lack Of Birth Control
Resources Mismanagement
Lack Of Guidance

Just as mentioned earlier, for an In-depth explanation of the above factors affecting the high rate of Poberty in Africa, click on any of the factor above. This is an attempt not to make the Article looks boring to you but rather straight to the point

Though some of those factors are connected. However, that does not withstand the fact that they individually affects many Africans resulting to the high rate of their Poverty.

Any Continent and/or Country with the above factors affecting most of her citizens will never have sufficient Whealthy Citizens as a result, rate of Poverty will continue to rise.

Solutions To The High Poverty Rate Of Most Africans

Until Africans stopped living above their means, most Africans will remain in their abject Poverty.

Until Africans changed their Religious Beliefs concerning Whealth, most of them will never experienc Whealth.

Until African Leaders begins to lead well, the high rate of poverty in Africa will never have an expiry date.

Until Africans change their educational curriculum, they will always maintain the last line as regard Whealth

Until every African begins to show positive interest in the financial success of his/her fellow Africans, we will always drag ourselves down regarding financial success

Until Africans considers self support as a responsibility irrespective of who is involved, we will always be poor.

Until Africans begin to convert their creativity to productivity, Africans will never experience true Whealth.

Until Africans sees the need to unite for a collective goal and means of monetization, the poverty level in Africa will remain high

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