Most Africans Will Never Become Rich If They Do Not Change Their Flamboyant Lifestyle

An average African believes in enjoyment and living Life in accordance with a trending standard even if it subjects them to living above their means. The main reason behind this is to impress the General public in most cases.

Those who lives this kind of Lifestyle will never accept that they are living a Flamboyant Lifetyle. They think they are being Classy and even if they accept being Flamboyant, they won’t accept the fact that Flamboyant Lifetyle is one of the Reasons Why Most Africans Are Poor And Are Likely To Remain Poor as a result, continues in that same pattern of Lifestyle and eventually intensify the Poverty rate of Africans

How Most Africans Lives Above Their Means

In Africa, if a Neighbour bought a Power generator set, a Device or/and a trending pair of designer Clothing, an average African neighbour will challenge him/herself to buying the same thing whether he/she has needs for those things or not as if life is a competition meanwhile the reverse is the case. To understand how some Africans misuse their Income, imagine the scenario below!

When their salary comes in time, they eat chicken. As their salary reduces, they eat products of Chicken (Eggs) and subsequently, they will begin to eat chicken’s foods like maize and millet

Finally, when their salary is finished, they become chicken itself, spending their time walking around just looking for what to eat”!

Other Ways Most Africans Live Above Their Means

  1. They Lives in Apartments higher than necessary in value when considered with what they earn
  2. They Consumes Alcoholic Drinks more than as necessary
  3. They get married to as many Wives as they can fine appealing to them
  4. They give birth to as many Children as their nature can permit
  5. They sews large amount of Fabrics that is big enough for three individuals to sew
  6. They Celebrates unnecessarily
  7. They flys abroad unnecessarily
  8. They eats unnecessarily
  9. They unnecessarily Shops overseas
  10. They buys commodities not for what they need it for but for how expensive it is

They are more ways they lives Flamboyant Lives. However, above are some popular few way


Do not attempt to do this. It will always leave you broke and broken. Always attempt to buy things base on your needs, do not be moved by trends. Try to distinguish between your needs and your wants and stick with needs. That is what successful people do until they are able to afford their Wants

As an Individual, Your salary is a seed that needs to be planted. It’s important you save part of it and invest. Salary alone cannot, will not, can never and will never solve all your monetary problems.

A wise investment done in any form with Return On Investment will always provide opportunities, chances and privileges for you to always eat Chicken whenever you desire to so! Think Investment because you won’t be young forever!

Think Insurance because you won’t be strong forever!

Think Entrepreneurship because you won’t be employed forever!

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