Book Review: Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

Get Persistent Customers By Learning & PracticingThe Tips Discussed in This Book Introduction One of the reasons you are still struggling to get more customers/clients for your business isn’t because of the bad economy or bad product or even your Village People as most Nigerians would believe due to some Religious Teachings. The Book: “Traction: […]

Coaching and Public Speaking Services

Achieve Whatever You Desire To Achieve Through My Coaching & Public Speaking Services Coaching is an act of guidance. It is an activity in which an experienced person called a Coach facilitates a less-experienced person in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance, training and support. The person being coached is sometimes […]

Resources Management Services

Become Whatever You Desire To Become Through My Resources Management Service Resources management (RM) is different from Human Resources Management (HRM) also known as Human Resources (HR) Resources Management is the controlling/harnessing of the Resources of an individual, Group of Individuals, Business and Organization to enable them become what they aim to become in life […]

I.C.T. & Marketing Services

Reach Whoever You Target To Reach Through My I.C.T. & Marketing Services Information & Communication Technology (I.C.T.) is the modern Means of Information dissemination and Communication Integration. It is simply a modern means of passing of Information and Communication. The main Importance of I.C.T. is the capacity to reach, Inform and communicate with unquantifiable amount […]