Wrong Audience is Dangerous To Your Career. This Is Why!


The Harm of having a wrong Audience can affect anybody irrespective of either you are an Amateur or a Professional if you fail to invest in surrounding yourself with the right Audience. Many people have experienced it. I’ve experienced it too and I’m as well still experiencing it in some of my engagements. But what differentiates me from others is that, I’m constantly working on separating the Rice from the Beans of my Audience. You should do the same thing too by learning How To Attract the right Audience.

How Do You Feel when you post a great Content on a Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other countless Social Media Platform or a Blog?

How Do you feel when you crack a Joke when a group of people or while performing in and event and almost no one but you find it funny?

How Do you feel when Start A New Business been it sales of Goods or dales of Services and no one seems to see the need to patronize you?

You don’t need to answer the questions above because I’ve been in those situations. Hence, I already know their How It feels which is why I choose to publish this Article for other people out there like you who could be experiencing the same situation.

I have posted Contents that I perceive to be valuable on Social Media Platforms especially Facebook and all I got was little to no reaction

I have cracked Jokes Online and Offline that sounds lame in the ear of people whom I thought were going to find it funny and Laugh Out Loud but it never happened. The I could get would be just a Giggle. Especially if those Audience don’t want to hurt my Feelings.

I have started Businesses cited at the wrong locations and preaching to the wrong Audiences and writing Proposals to the wrong people as well as trying to sale stuffs to the wrong Market and I get is Turn-offs.

You see, when I told you that I’ve been in those situations and more, the above is what I meant and to be sincere with you, the feeling is Horrible, Terrific and Thought-provoking but if you stick with me long enough, you will understand what to do set the record straight.

Before we dive into The Five (5) Dangers Of Having The Wrong Audience, let’s find out what it means for you to have the wrong Audience to ensure that you are also the right Audience for this Article.

What does it mean to have the Wrong Audience?

Having the wrong Audience means giving out values to the people who doesn’t consider the value that you are giving out to be valuable enough for their Attention or Appreciation.

Having a wrong Audience does not mean that your Audience hates you or hates what you are offering them. It’s just that they somewhat don’t have need or love for the value you are giving out to them. What you should do in situations like this is striving to surround yourself with the right Audience.

Examples of Having The Wrong Audience.

The scenario below depicts some typical examples of having the wrong Audience.

  1. A Christain trying to sale an Ideology to a Muslim using quotations from the Bible or a Muslim trying to do same using Quotations from the Quran is having the wrong Audience
  2. A Realtor who is trying to rent out a single Room Apartment to a Landlord who is an Owner of an Estate is having the wrong Audience.
  3. A Parenting Content Creator who is sharing his or her Audiences who are not parents and are not planning on becoming one soon is having a wrong Audience.

I can go on and on with more of the examples but I believe that you already understood what it means for one to have the wrong Audience. So, let’s Dive in!

The Dangers Of Having The Wrong Audience.

There are many dangers involved in having the wrong Audience such as; waste of time, Intellect, Ideas among others. Nevertheless, below are some that are hidden from most people

  • Lack of Reaction, Accolades and Sales
  • Self Doubt
  • Negative Energy
  • Inconsistent
  • Lost of Interest

Lack of Reaction, Accolades or Sales

Every Professional, Business Person or Content Creator being it Video, Audio, Photo, Text or Live Action desires Reactions, accolades or Sales as those signifies that they are valuable or they have valuable Contents of Commodity. accolades are given through reactions such as: Commenting, Voting, Sharing, Liking among other various reactions. After Money, Accolade is what every Content Creators yearn for. Some Content Creators however values Accolades even more than Money through the Reactions I highlighted above. However, getting those Reactions requires the right Audience. Surrounding yourself with the wrong Audience will make it difficult for you to get those Reactions.

If you value Reactions sales for your Creativity of Products as a Content Creator or a Business person, ensure to surround yourself with the right Audience. If you notice that your Goods are not been patronized when there is little to no competition or your Contents are not been reacted upon on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram among other Online platform or Offline platform, chances are:

  1. You do not have the right Audience
  2. The Goods or content lacks the expected value
  3. You are been perceived as an Impostor
  4. Your Audience have consumed that particular product or content from another creator
  5. Something else more interesting or disturbing has taken the attention of your Audience.

The chief of them all is that: You do not have the right Audience. So, be assured that lack of patronage or reactions from your Audience is not always about your products Content or creativity alone. It is more of your Audience.

Self Doubt

Self Doubt will creep in to you no matter your confidence if you are surrounded by the wrong Audience. This is usually due to your not getting the Sales or Reactions you expected to get from your Audience. It will first of all start with confusion of whether your product or your content is valuable or not. The next thing that will follow is self-doubt. You will as well start doubting yourself if whether you are valuable or not.

How Valuable a Business or a Content is depends on how valuable it Consumers or Audience perceives it to be. If you are perceived less valuable due to wrong Audience as Trader or a Content Creator, you will definitely have self doubt unless you are living in self denial of Truth

Negative Energy

Many people develop Negative Energy when their expectations are not met especially when the situation is perceived to be a public one. Be that as it may, lack of Patronage or Accolades from an Audience as a result of having the wrong Audience is always an unmet expectation that can enable one to develop Negative Energy towards Business or Content Creation. Unless you have a strong emotional Intelligence otherwise, this will be your case if you surround yourself with the wrong Audience.

Many of my Digital Marketing Students do experiences this and the turn out isn’t so good as they will begin to act cold towards their course of study with me. How I usually solve the Negative Energy Syndrome is taking them to the Drawing Board of How To Surround themselves with the right Audience & guess what! Their Energy turns Positive instantly as they begins to get the results they Needs. This same situation applies to my Business Coaching Clients too


It’s hard to be consistent in doing what one considered valueless due to the developed Negative Energy towards something one have passion for. However, it is what it is.

If you are carrying out a Stunt and no one claps or chant for you, will you continue the Stunt?

If you are dancing on a Dancing Floor & no one praises you meanwhile, others involved in other form of Entertainments in that same arena are getting praises, will you continue with the Dance?

I already know what your answer to the above two questions are. You wouldn’t continue. But since doing those things are what you have passion for, you may do it once in a while expecting things to turn around or you may completely loose interest

Lost of Interest

One of the reasons why people change or quit their Business is due to lost of interest emanating from lack of patronage as a result of wrong Audience.

One of the reasons why couples quit Marriages or behave badly in marriages is due Lost of Interest emanating from unmet expectations from their Partner as a result of wrong Audience. (In the case of Marriage, your Partner is your Audience). Imagine a Wife cooking for a Husband regularly without any form of accolade or a Husband buying gifts for the wife regularly without any form of sincere gratitude. Lost of interest will become their case and as a result of that, they either quit or remain married in denial of Happiness.


Do not quit due to lack of the right Audience especially if you are just starting out, do all the other experts experienced it to too. As a Starter, the size of your Audience shouldn’t matter to you that much. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on having the right Audience. Just keep up the good work and the right Audience will find you.

You can learn How to Attract the right Audience by reading good Articles on How To Attract the right Audience, listen to good Marketing experts, read good Books like the ones mentioned below:

  • Attraction Secret
  • Magnetic Positoning
  • Confidence (How to sale yourself)
  • Traction (A Startup Guide to Getting Customers)
  • Indicative (The analytical guide to- winning & retaining Customers)

If you want to take it further, enrol in my Marketing Course or enrol in my Coaching Program and see yourself fly to the height of the right Audience acquisitions you desire

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