Your God Has No Reason To Make You Poor & Sad

There’s no God anywhere responsible for your Poverty and Pain. The only one responsible for your Poverty, Pain and whatever situation you find yourself in today is you and you alone.

Please don’t get it twisted, this Article is not in anyway or by any means intended to go against your faith or your God. However, it is to assert that you should stop focusing your Energy towards the wrong Channels regarding your financial situation in Life.

God Is Not Responsible For Your Poverty. You Are! He has no reason to make you poor resulting to your pain while making others rich. The reason why you are poor and others are rich is simply because you refused to do what is required to be done to attract riches just as the Whealthy people did to make then rich and they are still doing more of it to enable them remain rich or get richer

Often times we tend to find excuses for our inabilities, failures and lack of productivity. We either call it Experience or we make it seems Godly

You believe that God loves you and i believe in your believe too. But if you are poor and struggling right now, what does that tells you?

God who has all the Wealth in existence loves you and you are still broke? Put yourself in God’s shoe! If you have just #10 Billion only, and you love me and I also communicate with you daily, will you leave me broke?

The idea of the fact that your Poverty is orchestrated by God in untenable. Of all the people on earth that are rich and poor, why will God place you among the Poor? Have You paused to ask yourself that question?

Stand up and own up to your responsibility of becoming rich. Good or bad, better or worse, rich or poor; you are responsible for whatever you become in Life and whatever you achieve I life.

It all starts with Self-discovery, followed by actionable plans with the application of persistence. Bit by bit and brick by brick, you will become whatever you desire to become in Life or achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

We have religious people who are poor as well as some who are rich. We also have nonreligious people who are rich as well as those who are poor. What depicts one’s poverty or Whealth has a lot more to do with your engagement than Religions.

Just get started. You will discover whatever you need to discover and grow in it on your way as you keep on pressing forward. Make sure to learn more by asking people about certain issues that are relevant to what you are engaged in.

If you are having difficulty getting started or sticking to your aim, contact a Coach. Especially a Lifecoach and they will definitely help out in your achievement. I’m not saying this simply because I’m a Life coach. I’m saying this because it is what it is.

If you have no idea who a Lifecoach is, A Life-Coach is an individual who has the knowledge(s), experience(s), Connection(s) Skill(s) among other resources it requires to take you from your current point in any sphere of Life to the point you want to be in any sphere of Life.

Lifecoaches had helped a lot of Individual or group of Individuals achieve their ain Life in different spheres of Life. But to do so, you need to understand that God Is Not Responsible For Your Poverty. You Are!


I do not want to sound religious. Otherwise, I would have referred you to the verses in the Scriptures of whatever Faith you believe in. Nevertheless, I challenge you to explore your scriptures yourself and discover the truth concerning what’s responsible for your poor Financial situation. It is not God, It is you!

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